Monday, November 21, 2011

Daily Life

This week at school we will be reflecting upon that which we are thankful, we have opportunities that many did not have in the early 1600's.  Think about what your life is like now, and what would have been different at the first Thanksgiving celebration.  Please answer the following questions in preparation for your research today!

What would you have dressed in?
What types of food would you have eaten?
What sorts of games would you have played?
What sorts of chores would you have to do?
What things would you be learning at school?

Today I would like for you to compare & contrast what life was like for Pilgrim and Wampanoag children.  Take good notes and give me at least 3-5 facts (You could write more ) about each culture, how were they the same and how were they different?

Here at the Scholastic site you will find information about their clothing, housing, food, chores, schooling, and games that they would play.  You will be writing a letter as either a Pilgrim or a Wampanoag this week, be sure to write down as many details as you think are needed.  The more facts that you have, the better your essay will be later on this week!

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